2011 Season
Softball 12u

Little League 2011 All Star updates




Hammontons first batter up rips one over center fielder Emily Klepacki for a double. After scoring, pitcher Jonnalyn McClain struck out the last two batters to retire the side.

Bottom of the second inning, with two outs. Pequannock’s Kaitlyn Natoli hits a base hit to centerfield. Katie Dara in to pinch run for Natoli. Dara stole second on a pass ball. Jennifer Sigler rips a double to the outfield scoring Dara to tie the game.

Bottom of the third Pequannock’s Natalie Trautwein starts things off with a base hit up the middle. Carly Klimek draws an error from the short stop after hitting it hard, moving Trautwein to second. Taylor Van Sant moves Trautwein and Klimek over to scoring positions with her sacrifice bunt, as Jonnalyn McClain rips a base hit up the middle to score both Trautwein and Klimek. Pequannock takes a 3-1 lead.

Top of the fourth inning Hammonton scores one more run but in the bottom of the inning Pequannock stole one back with Jennifer Siglers double to left field, and Hannah Brizek moves her over to scoring position with her sacrifice bunt. Natalie Trautwein draws an error from short stop with a hard hit, scoring Sigler. Carly Klimek gets a base hit to centerfield.

Bottom of five, Kaitlyn Natoli starts it off with another two out rally, rips one to left field for a base hit. Jen Sigler draws a walk, Hannah Brizek on with a base hit up the middle to score Natoli. Pequannonck leads 5-2.

Top of six Hammonton fights back hard. First batter up fires one out to right field for a triple, second batter gets on with an error, fourth batter rips another triple to right field scoring 2 runs, 5-4 Pequannock ahead by one, runner on third, next batter bunts to third baseman Jennifer Sigler who quickly picks the ball up and fakes a throw to first turned to third and gunned the runner out with a blink of an eye for one of the best plays of the game. With 2 runners still on bases and two outs, next batter hits a blooper to first baseman Michele Zahner for the third out and the win. Jonnalyn McClain kept her cool the whole game and fired them in hard!! Great Job Jonna!!!!!

Pequannock takes game 2 in the States

Pequannock 14 - Lodi – 0

Pequannock takes a 5 – 0 lead in the first inning with Carly Klimek and Danielle Tahan each getting walks followed by Jonnalyn McClains R.B.I. to score Klimek. Michele Zahner gets on with an error by the short stop and McKenzie Kennelly rips a base hit to right field to score Zahner. Kennelly stole second, third, and home on pass balls. And Jennifer Sigler gets on with a walk and stole second, third and home.

Top of the second inning Pequannock scored another four runs. Danielle Tahan hits a base hit to left field stealing second and third. Jonnalyn McClain hits a base hit to left field scoring Tahan. Michele Zahner gets a walk, McKenzie Kennelly hits it hard to draw an error from the pitcher. Kaitlyn Natoli gets a hit as McClain comes home. Kennelly also scores to end the inning ahead 9 – 0.

Top of the third inning Pequannock scores three more runs for a 12 – 0 lead. Top of four, Pequannock tacks on two more runs from Danielle Tahan’s walk and Katie Dara’s double to right center scoring Tahan, and Kaitlyn Natoli’s base hit to left field scored Dara.

Final score 14 – 0.

Pequannock plays Saturday evening at 7:00 p.m.

72 Church Street, Lodi

Old Timers Field

Girls 12 U States Game

Hammonton – 5 Pequannock – 4

A tough loss for Pequannock tonight, after leading 3 to 0 in the bottom of the second inning.

McKenzie Kennelly started off the inning with a hard hit to short that was bobbled to allow her safe at first. Kaitlyn Natoli hit a clean base hit to left field to move Kennelly to second. Jennifer Sigler rips a screamer over the centerfielder for a stand up triple to score Kennelly and Katie Dara who was a pinch runner for Natoli. Sigler was knocked in by Natalie Trautwein’s base hit to left field.

Top of the fourth inning Hammonton scored 5 runs to make it a 5-3 game going into the fifth inning. Bottom of five, Jonnalyn McClain had a base hit to center field to start off the inning. Michele Zahner got on base with an error by the first baseman. McKenzie Kennelly got on base moving McClain to third but forcing Zahner out. Kaitlyn Natoli hits a line drive that was caught by the second baseman but gets an R.B.I scoring McClain.

With Pequannock down by one run in the bottom of the sixth, Hannah Brizek starts the inning off with a rocket to center field for a base hit. Emily Klepacki goes in to pinch run for Brizek and was called out on a steal. Bad call by the umpire on that one!!! Carly Klimek was robbed of a hit as the center fielder caught her fly ball to end the game. Pequannock with a positive attitude will be back tonight to face Lodi in game two of the State Championship games.


Pequannock beats Par Troy West


Carly Klimek first up to bat with a walk and is moved over to third by Danielle Tahan’s sacrifice bunt. Jonnalyn MCClain rips a fly ball to right field scoring Klimek for the first run on the board for Pequannock.

Top of two, McKenzie Kennelly hits a deep fly ball over the left fielders head for a clean double. Kennelly steals third on a pass ball. Jen Sigler brings her in with an R.B.I.

With no runs scored by PTW, Pequannock was unstoppable in the third inning. Natalie Trautwein started it off with a double to right field, Klimek gets on with a hard hit to short. Katie Dara with a successful bunt and quick legs beats the throw for bases loaded. Jonnalyn McClain rips one past short stop to score two runs, she steals second and scores on Michele Zahners double to left center which also scored Dara. Hannah Brizek bunted her way on base, steals second and eventually stole home on a pass ball. Kaitlyn Natoli’s fly ball over second base was unplayable. Natoli stole second and third. Taylor Van Sant’s sacrifice hit down the first base line scored Natoli. Trauwein getting up again this inning rips one out to left field for yet another double. Klimek gets up with a double to center scoring Trautwein.

Pequannock played excellent defense

Top of four, Michele Zahner showed no mercy with the score being 11-0 she hauls one out to right field for a base hit. Hannah Brizek sacrifice hit moves Zahner to second and Zahner steals third and home.

Bottom of four Pequannock shuts out PTW 12-0

Jonnalyn McClain does an excellent job pitching four scoreless innings for Pequannock.




Pequannock – Wayne 6-25-11

Pequannock’s pitcher Jonnalyn McClain pitched a fantastic game with only giving up 1 hit against Wayne.

First inning, Wayne with a girl on first and third, Pequannock’s catcher Kaitlyn Natoli threw down to short stop Carly Klimek who gunned it back to Natoli for the out at the plate as Wayne tried to steal home.

Bottom of the first Pequannock’sCarly Klimek started it off with a walk, and proceeds to steal second, third, and then home for the first run. Danielle Tahan hits a shot out to left field for a base hit, and also proceeded to steal second, third and then home on a pass ball for run number two. Continuing the pattern, next batter Jonnalyn McClain walked and stole all bases for run number three. Pequannock scored two more runs in this inning by Jennifer Sigler and McKenzie Kennelly who both walked and stole bases. Pequannock leads 5-0 at the end of the first inning.

Second inning Carly Klimek walks as Katie Dara hits a shot up the middle to score Klimek. Kaitlyn Natoli scored Dara to give Pequannock a 7-0 lead over Wayne in the second inning.

Natalie Trautwein had a nice base hit to left field in the third inning, as well as a great defensive catch in the top of the fifth inning.

Pequannock gets their first win over Wayne 7-0 and Jonnalyn McClain gets 8 strikeouts out of 20 batters. Great Job!!!

The 2011 team consists of the following girls:

Hannah Brizak, Katie Dara, McKenzie Kennelly, Emily Klepacki, Carly Klimek, Jonnalyn McClain, Kaitlyn Natoli, Jennifer Sigler, Danielle Tahan, Natalie Trautwein, Taylor Van Sant, Michele Zahner

Manager Ken Sigler

Coach John McClain

Coach Joel Troast

Coach Chip Trautwein

And a special shout out to Coach John Natoli
Pequannock VS. Clifton

Pequannock’s Carly Klimek starts the inning off with a base hit to left field, taking advantage of a bad throw she steals second and then third. Klimek then steals home on a pass ball to give Pequannock it’s first run.

With Jennifer Sigler on the mound, Pequannock was sure to do well.

First batter up walked, however Sigler had no worries as Clifton went to steal second, Pequannock catcher Kaitlyn “ THE ERASER” Natoli took her out with time to spare. Batters two and three were quickly struck out by Sigler.

Top of the second inning Jennifer Sigler starts it off with a great bunt and stole second and third. Taylor Van Sant rips a clean double to center field to score Sigler. Van Sant steals third and was hit in with a hard shot to short stop that was too hot to handle by Natalie Trautwein. Trautwein stole second and third and scored by Carly Klimeks base hit over third base. Danielle Tahan hit a deep fly ball to short stop for an R.B.I allowing Klimek to score.

Bottom of the second, Sigler striking out the first two batters, the third was walked and again was taken out at second by catcher Kaitlyn Natoli for the third out.

Top of three, Kaitlyn Natoli’s rocket to short stop was unplayable putting her on first. Jen Sigler and Natoli both scored on walks and stolen bases and another hard shot to short stop by Natalie Trautwein.

Fourth inning Michele Zahner walks Jen Sigler lays down a great bunt and Hannah Brizek hits a shot up the middle scoring both Zahner and Sigler. Sigler is then hit in by Carly Klimeks slap bunt.

Pequannock wins 11-0 bottom of the fourth inning. Sigler with 8 strikeouts out of 16 batters. Great Job Girls…

June 30th,2011

District Championship Game

Pequannock VS Tri-Boro


Top of the first inning Jonnalyn McClain with a two out rally gets a base hit up the middle, she steals second and third, Kaitlyn Natoli hits a hard shot that was bobbled at third. Natoli steals second as Michele Zahner hits a hard shot through the short stop to score McClain. Natoli tried to steal home on a pass ball but was called out.

Top of the third inning Natalie Trautwein gets a base hit up the middle, with Carly Klimek and Taylor Van Sant both moving Trautwein around to second and third, it was Trautwein who was sent home on a steal by Coach McClain to score the second run for Pequannock.

Bottom of the third Tri Boro’s first batter walked, the second batter hit a double to right field but the runner on first was thrown out at third as Pequannock’s Danielle Tahan was able to get the ball in quickly.

Third batter up hits a shot out to left field that was caught by Taylor Van Sant who threw the runner out going back to second for a double play and the third out.

Bottom of the fourth Tri-Boro had a shot out to center field and a base hit to right field and a hard hit past short stop to give them the only two runs scored on Pequannock in the Districts.

With the game tied going into the top of the fifth inning, Carly Klimek lays down a great bunt, then steals second third then home to put Pequannock ahead 3-2.

Bottom of the fifth Tri-Boro with two outs, batter hits a hard shot to second who was safe at first. Next batter up for Tri-Boro hits a deep fly base hit to right center field that was thrown in quickly by Danielle Tahan to short stop Carly Klimek, to Catcher Kaitlyn Natoli who put down the tag for out number three.

Top of the sixth Jonnalyn McClain hit a line drive into the pitchers shin that was not playable, McClain steals second Michele Zahner rips a screamer to right center for a triple, scoring McClain. Tri-Boro was unable to score.

Pequannock Wins Districts.

Baseball 10u

June 29, 2011 – Wanaque Field

The 10’s Boys played Triboro 1 tonight in Wanaque. For the first two innings, the game was played with no scoring, a starting pitcher- Sean Bertrand was able to get out of trouble each inning. In the top of the 3rd, Pequannock loaded the bases with hits by Troy Karaty, Brian Goll, and Sean Bertrand. With one out, Triboro was able to strike out Kevin Nelson and Eric Porta to stop the threat. In the bottom of the inning, Triboro started with 2 hits and scored on a fielder’s choice and an error. Pequannock Catcher, Daniel Dooley threw out a runner stealing 3rd base to end the inning. In the bottom of the 4th, after a few walks and a hit by Triboro, Bertrand was replaced on the mound by Nelson and eventually Eric Porta, but gave up another 2 runs before the inning was over. In the 5th inning, Triboro scored another run after 3 straight hits off of Porta, who closed out the inning with 2 strike outs. In the top of the 6th inning, with two outs, Daniel Dooley hit a triple past the right fielder, but couldn’t score due to the following batter striking out to end the game. On offense, Pequannock had three hits, one each by Troy Karaty, Brian Goll, Sean Bertrand, and Daniel Dooley.

Pequannock 10’s Boys ended up with a District 2 tournament record of 3 – 2, taking 4th place out of a field of 13 teams. The team and coaching staff would like to thank all those family members, friends, and Pequannock supporters for being part of the experience.


June 25, 2011 – West Milford Field

The 10’s Boys All Stars opened up in West Milford playing the host – West Milford 1 team.

The team started slow with only hits by Kevin Nelson and an RBI by Mike Cesa through the first 3 innings with 1 run scored. In the 4th inning, the team started with lead-off walks by Kevin Nelson and Eric Porta and Daniel Dooley hit a hard ball to 3rd which was booted scoring Nelson. Jack Maier got a single to load the bases and a walk to Dan Kaynak, scored a second run in the inning. Pequannock scattered 5 hits across 6 innings.

Defensively, Sean Bertrand started the game and after three infield errors, West Milford went up in the bottom of the 1st – 3-0. West Milford had 11 hits over 6 innings, and Pequannock pitched 5 different pitchers along the way losing a tough first game 11-3.

June 26, 2011 – Elmwood Park Field

After winning the toss, Pequannock selected to be the visitor in the attempt to jump out in the first inning against a young Tri-Boro 2 team, which they did. Mike Cesa led off with a bomb to left, which was caught by the left fielder robbing Mike of an extra base hit. After Brian Goll and Sean Bertrand both got on base, Kevin Nelson hit a double to score them both. Eric Porta followed with a single and Daniel Dooley hit a Sac Fly scoring Nelson going up in the top of the 1st- 3-0. Eric Porta started the game on the mound and Jack Maier came in to pitch the end of the inning- leaving the game 3-0.

In the 2nd inning, Pequannock scored 7 runs on hits by Mike Luttenberger, Sean Bertrand (2 RBI’s), Eric Porta (Double), and Daniel Dooley stealing home when the Tri-Boro catcher attempted to pick him off 3rd Base. Jack Maier continue on the mound allowing 1 run and Brian Goll came in relief and closed out the 2nd inning, Pequannock 10-1.

In the 3rd inning, battered 16 players, scoring 11 runs off of hits by Troy Karaty (1B), Eric Porta (2 singles – 4 RBI’s), Jack Maier (1B), Brian Goll (1B – 2RBI’s), and several errors by Tri-Boro. In the bottom of the inning, Brian Goll got 2 out and Troy Karaty finished the inning with a strike out.

The game was stopped after 4 innings and Pequannock moves to play Wanaque on Monday at 5:30PM in Wanaque.


June 27, 2011 – Wanaque Field

The 10’s Boys started the game at bat and after leadoff – Mike Cesa getting hit by a pitch, Brian Goll, Sean Bertrand, and Kevin Nelson each got hits. Pequannock started the game in the top of the 1st scoring 3 runs. Sean Bertrand started on the mound and along with Brain Goll, kept the Wanaque team to only two run in 2 innings.

In the 3rd inning, Brian Goll opened up hitting a double to right center, and with the help of two errors by Wanaque ended up scoring another 2 runs. Troy Karaty combined with Jack Maier to keep Wanaque at bay in the bottom of the 3rd.

In the 4th inning, Mike Luttenberger reached on an error and Ryan Katz laid down a perfect bunt single. After moving to 2nd & 3rd, Brian Goll hit a single scoring 2 more runs. Jack Maier pitched 2 2/3 innings allowing only 1 run.

In the 5th inning, Pequannock scored another 2 runs after Daniel Dooley walked and Trevor Bunero got a single and Mike Cesa hit a hard shot off the 1st baseman’s glove.

Kevin Nelson took the mound in the bottom of the 6th for the first time this tournament and closed out the game for the win.

Pequannock 10’s Boys played Tuesday, June 28th in Wanaque against Elmwood Park at 5:30PM.

June 28, 2011 – Wanaque Field

The 10’s Boys played Elmwood Park tonight in Wanaque, and despite a late start, finished the game in 4 innings.

Pequannock pitchers- Sean Bertrand, Brian Goll, and Eric Porta combined for 4 innings of shut- out ball striking out 10 batters allowing no runs scored.

On offense, in the top of the 1st with walks by Mike Cesa and Brian Goll to start the game, Sean Bertrand hit an RBI single. After a Kevin Nelson walk, Daniel Dooley’s fielder’s choice drove in another run. Mike Luttenberger hit another single driving in 2 runs.

In the 2nd inning, after singles by Bertrand and Porta, Daniel Dooley hit a double over the left fielder’s head scoring 2 runs. Brandon Brath hit a single scoring Dooley followed by a Dan Kaynak single scoring Brath. After 2 innings, Pequannock was up 10-0.

After an uneventful 3rd inning, Brandon Brath reached base after being hit by a pitch, followed by a Troy Karaty double scoring Brath. Brian Goll hit another single driving in Karaty to close out the inning.

The game was called after 4 innings with Pequannock taking the win 12-0.

The Pequannock 10 Year Old Boys All Star team consists of Michael Cesa #39, Troy Karaty #2, Brian Goll #6, Sean Bertrand #17, Kevin Nelson Jr #10, Eric Porta #4, Daniel Dooley Jr #11, Jack Maier #51, Brandon Brath #14, Ryan Katz #16, Trevor Bunero #41, Mike Luttenberger #40, Daniel Kaynak #3.

Next game: Wednesday, June 29, 2011 at 7PM in Wanaque against the winner of Triboro 1 and Wayne National.