2016 Updated Documents

 2016 Age Determination Charts


Coaches, Parents & Volunteers,

Little League International requires all volunteers to fill out an 'LL Volunteer Form' each year.   Each volunteer must have at least 1 back ground check in order to work with the players on the field.   No one can go on to the field or dugout, to assist a team without filling out a Volunteer Form. 

For a 'New Volunteer' please fill out the 'New 2016 Little League Volunteer Application', notice this form has a Soc Sec field that needs to be filled out.  This information will be used to perform a 1 time back ground check on the perspective volunteer.

If you are a 'Returning Volunteer' - and have passed a back ground check please fill out the 2016  Little League Returning Volunteer form.

All paper work (except Rutgers Coaching Cards copies)  is destroyed at the end at the Little League Season.

Please return all paper work to; Kevin Jachimski  30 Manor Ave - Pompton Plains NJ 07444 - or e-mail; at app1mkj@yahoo.com .

All applicants, please include a copy of your Rutgers Coaching Card & Drivers License along with your application.


Kevin Jachimski (PEQLL)