Emergency Plan


1. Stay Calm. Can you handle the problem? Do you need help?

a. Determine if the injury is Simple or Serious.

b. If you can handle the situation, proceed with proper First Aid.

· Get the first aid kit out of the lock box or snack stand.

c. If the injury is serious be sure to call for others on the field to help! Be sure to stabilize the athlete’s injury as best you can until the ambulance arrives.

d. Call 911 to activate the local EMS service.

· Speak slowly

· Tell the dispatcher where you are and the reason for your call.

· Do not hang up until the dispatcher has a chance to ask you questions. This is especially important when calling from a cell phone so they can get the proper location.

· Be sure to have someone meet the ambulance and direct them to the accident scene.

2. Reassure and try to calm the injury player.

3. Provide supervision for the other players. Be sure they know what to do when one of their teammates is injured or a player on another team. Should practice or the game continue?

4. If the parents are not at the field be sure to call them ASAP.

5. If an athlete will be going to the hospital be sure to send their 2005 Application Form with them.

6. Players cannot go to a hospital without a coach or parent.

7. Make an accurate record of the injury. Be sure to note the following:

· Time when injury occurred

· Who, What, When, Where, Why the injury occurred

· Treatment given

8. Please fax, deliver, or e-mail a report to Ken Sigler, Safety Officer, within 24-48 hours. (Reports can be left at Washington Park office.)

· Home: (973) 248-1316

· Cell: (973) 632-5234

· E-mail: Sigsnj@optonline.net

9. Be sure to follow up with the parents over the next few days and check on the status of the injured player.

10. Please keep Ken Sigler up to date on any serious injuries and the follow up care.