Game Time Limit


2016 Pequannock Little League Game Time Limit Rule


All Games are limited to 2 hours. (Exceptions noted below.)

    • Two hours starts at the time the game is scheduled for, not the time the game starts.
    • Do not start a new inning after 1 hour and 45 minutes.
    • There will almost always be a game after yours so it is important to start on time. Even if there is not a game after yours, the two hour limit applies.
    • When the two hour time limit is reached, the game is over- period.
    • If there is a count on a batter, the batter and only that batter is allowed to finish his at-bat.
    • Under no circumstance is any further play allowed.
    • If the game is tied at the two hour time limit, the game stands if the home team has tied the game up.
    • If the away team is at bat and ties the game up or goes ahead, you revert back to the last full inning for score.
  • Exception: Majors Division may play until 10:00pm.
  • Exception: International Division is limited to 90 minute games.
  • Exception: 50/70 Division is limited to 2.5 hours as per district rules.