Little League Ten Commandments

Little League Ten Commandments

"Remember the Little League Ten Commandments are for everyone"

I shall not criticize the umpire unless ready to assume the duties.

I shall not complain about anyone unless I have labored more hours on the Little League Program than they have.

I shall not be a "Grand Stand" manager.

I shall remember that only nine team members can play at one time.

I shall not be critical unless willing to put out the necessary effort to correct my concern.

I shall set an example of sportsmanship for my child to follow.

I shall remember that all managers, coaches’ umpires, league officials, concession workers are volunteers.

I shall remember that all officers and other League personal must earn a living and cannot spend all their time on Little League business.

I shall offer my services for work whenever possible.

I shall encourage my child to follow The Little League Pledge -

I trust in God

I love my Country and

Will respect its laws.

I will play fair and strive to win,

But win or lose,

I will always do my best!