Our History
Our Histroy
Pequannock Little League was founded in 1952. The names below were provided by Lou Finnegan, who now resides in Falmouth, MA.
Pequannock Little League Founders, supporters, coaches and parents:

Lou and Rita Finnegan
Irving Shapiro
Frank Shea
Bob Sueter
Frank Berardi
Corbin Parkhurst
Ed Van Dorsten
James Van Cott
William and Elsie Koenen
Al Lento, Sr.
Bob Kerr
Pat Patterson
Andy Anderson

Players Circa 1952:

Lou and Thomas Finnegan
Donald and Austen Koenen
Robert Cook
Wayne Johnston
Neill Berardi
Al and Dennis Lento
Gordon Entwhistle
Peter Hille
Frank Shapiro
Bob Sueter
Bernie Boyle
Jack Berhman
Gordon Campbell
Fred Geddis
Wayne Daddis
Bob Mortensen
Buzzie Martin
Chris Strifler
Fred Wallace
Gerald Adler
Dennis Intveld

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