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 Parents Pamphlet

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Dear Parents:

Welcome to the 2010 Pequannock Township Little League season!

We would like to extend a warm welcome to both old families and new. This pamphlet was put together in an effort to supply some basic information about our organization. Please take the time to read through it and keep it handy throughout the season.

Pequannock Township Little League is a privately run, non-profit organiza­tion, which was founded in 1950. Any questions or comments should be directed to one of the members of the Board of Directors:

President: Doug Troast 973-831‑0322

Executive Vice President: Dwight Troast 973-628‑8329

Vice President Alaine Sickles 973-633-8244

Secretary: John Driesse

Treasurer: Tony LaTempa 973-831-0665

Our Web Site

General Membership Meetings are generally held once each month. Please check the schedule on Page 4 of this information pamphlet and keep it available throughout the year for reference. In an organization of this size, there will always be slight disagreements as to why or how something is being done. Accordingly, we ask that the children not attend these meetings. THESE MEETINGS ARE THE TIME AND PLACE TO VOICE YOUR OPINIONS, CONCERNS OR DISSATISFACTIONS - NOT THE FIELD. It is our intent to instill good sportsmanship in children; adults arguing on the field will not accomplish this. If a problem occurs at a game, let the children know you are going to protest the situation, but in a proper manner at the General Membership Meetings.

An email is sent out to all email addresses on file several days prior to each meeting. This email will also supply you with information on what is currently happening in Little League. The information contained in it is for both parents and players and it is addressed to the family, so please take the time to read the email each month when it arrives. If you do not receive this email, please visit our website,, and register.

Additional, timelier, information about the League is available on its web site,

Please keep this address handy for up-to-the-minute news about Pequannock Little League.

The Board of Directors attempts to make decisions based on what will benefit the majority of the players. The children's safety and fun is the first concern at all times. You can be involved in this process by attending meetings and volunteering just a bit of your time.

We have attempted to include as much information as possible in this pamphlet. Your attendance at General Membership Meetings will answer the rest.


Over 600 children participate in Little League in Pequannock Township. We have a program and an organization of which the community can be very proud, but we desperately need the help of dedicated parents to keep it that way.

Little League is a volunteer organization; the Board members, the coaches, the League Supervisors, and the numerous other assistants are all volunteers. The only people who get paid for their time are the umpires, our sons and daughters.

We need volunteers as coaches; we need volunteers to serve on and head committees; we need volunteers to run the snack stand, a major source of income for the League; we need volunteers to help raise funds for capital improvements. We even need volunteers to direct other volunteers.

There are many ways to volunteer your help, whether you are willing to devote your time during the entire season by coaching a team, or whether you are willing to give us just an hour or two as needed.

With your help, we can integrate new ideas and suggestions to keep Pequannock Township Little League growing and up‑to‑date; without your help, the program will be unable operate.

Please volunteer at registration, or you can volunteer at any of the General Membership Meetings or by contacting one of the Board Members.

Thank you for giving your time to this worthy cause.

2009 / 2010 EVENT SCHEDULE


Wednesday October 28 7:30 p.m. General Membership Meeting

Wednesday December 02 7:30 p.m. General Membership Meeting


Wednesday January 27 7:30 p.m. General Membership Meeting

Wednesday February 17 7:30 p.m. General Membership Meeting.

All Coaches must attend.

Saturday February 20 1:30 – 7:00 p.m. Baseball’s Tryouts – H.S. Gym

Saturday February 27 1:30 – 6:00 p.m. Softball’s Tryouts – H.S. Gym

Monday - Week of March 15, 2010 TBA Drafting of Teams

Wednesday March 24 7:30 p.m. General Membership Meeting

To Be Determined April, 2009 6:00 p.m. Umpire’s Clinic @ Field House

Wednesday April 28 7:30 p.m. Coaches Meeting

Saturday April 24 8:15 a.m. Opening Day and Parade

TBD May 7:00 p.m. Dinner Dance / Beef Steak

Wednesday May 26 6:30 p.m. General Membership Meeting

Wednesday June, 8:00 p.m. League All-Star Meetings

Wednesday June 8:00 p.m. District All-Star Meeting

Thursday June 26 All Day. Awards Picnic, Final Games Wednesday October 27 7:30 p.m. Reorganization Meeting

Wednesday December 01 7:30p.m. General Membership Meeting

All Meetings are held in the American Legion Hall on the Newark Pompton Turnpike in Pompton Plains (near Gilly's Restaurant). The in person registration is held at the Field House at Washington Park. The tryouts are held in the High School gym, the Umpire’s Clinic will be at the Field House, and the Awards Picnic is held at the Washington Park complex on Field One.

It is important that you support your children by attending as many Meetings as possible. In the event there are more coaches for a given league than teams available, one of the criteria used to decide who will be awarded the coaching position is attendance at meetings. Similarly, election of the Board of Directors is by members who regularly attend Membership Meetings.

We will be holding a Rutgers Safety Clinic for all coaches, parents and anyone else interested in taking the course. They will be held at the Field House at Washington Park. Please check the upcoming Newsletters for the date and time.


Pequannock Township Little League operates by Little League International (Williamsport, Pa.) rules. Since this organization has been operating since 1939, we defer to their experience in setting up rules and regulations in the best interest of the children. There are general age guidelines; however, the children are placed in leagues according to their ability. This is why evaluations are conducted and why your child's attendance at them is important. Although which league your child plays in is ultimately the decision of the Board of Directors and the coaches, your input is important to us. IF YOU FEEL YOU HAVE A SITUATION WHERE YOUR SON OR DAUGHTER SHOULD NOT BE PLAYING WITH CHILDREN OF THEIR OWN AGE, PLEASE CONTACT THE LEAGUE’S PLAYER AGENT.

The league is comprised of children who will be between the ages of 6 and 16 years for boys as of April 30, 2009, and for girls as of December 31, 2008, with some 5 year-olds allowed on a case-by-case basis. We sponsor both a Baseball League and a Softball League. The league is divided as follows:

International League (Ages 6, 7 & 8) This is a learning league. At this level, the child's own coach pitches to them. Both the Baseball and the Softball Leagues use a soft-covered baseball. Roster Batting (where the whole team bats, not simply those players in the field) is used, as is Free Substitution (where players switch positions throughout the game, and can enter or leave a game freely). The game is played in such a way that learning is emphasized. Games are played on Regular Fields (60 feet between bases). Because of size considerations, the Baseball League is divided into 2 divisions – American and National.

Minor League (Ages 7 -12) Still an instructional league, players in the National (lower) Division pitch part of each game, with coaches pitching the balance. In the American (upper) Division, players pitch the whole game. Roster Batting and Free Substitution are used. A standard hardball is used in the Baseball League, and the Softball League uses an 11-inch softball. In Softball, there is no stealing or sliding; in Baseball there is some. Games are played on Regular Fields. Please note, 12 Year Olds cannot pitch in the minor leagues.

Major League (Ages 10 – 12, based on ability) This is a competitive league. Players pitch the entire game. Roster Batting or Free Substitution were used in the Baseball League in 2008 but no decision has been made about this year. Stealing and sliding are frequent. A standard hardball is used in the Baseball League, and the Softball League uses an 11-inch softball. Games are played on Regular Fields.

Senior League (Ages 13 -16) The Baseball League plays on a Larger Field (90 feet between bases). Both Leagues use Roster Batting and Free Substitution. The Softball League is played on a Regular field and uses a 12-inch softball. Stealing, sliding and bunting are common.

It should be noted that girls are permitted to play in either the Baseball or Softball Leagues at any age level, however boys are restricted to playing in the Baseball League only.

At a year-end event, awards will be given to those teams finishing at the top of their league. All International League players will receive a commemorative tee shirt. The Awards Committee proposes to the General Membership specific criteria for year-end awards for the other leagues.


In order help place the children at the appropriate level of play, we will once again be conducting evaluations. These tryouts will also help to insure that all teams are as close to equal as possible; another goal that the Board believes is very important.


· All children 12 years old or younger who have never played before must try out

· All 6 through 10-year-olds

· All 11‑year‑olds that DID NOT play on a Major League team last season.

As stated earlier, aside from children 13 years of age or older, who must play in the Senior League, the Board ultimately determines in which league a child will play for the coming season. We will make every effort to properly evaluate your child's ability and request that you do the same. If the children are pushed into something they cannot handle, they will probably not see much playing time, and become discouraged and frustrated. In the same regard, if they are not playing competitively with their ability, you will have the same results. The children will be rated at tryouts by the coaches, and again at season’s end.


It is important to remember that every child will be placed on a team regardless of ability. The tryouts and evaluations are simply a mechanism to try to create parity between all the teams in a given league, and to provide a safe environment for all players.

You will be notified by email of the exact time the tryouts. They will most probably be held in late February or early March. All tryouts are held in the High School Gym.


Only the Head Coach for the Team is allowed to attend the draft for that league.

Only the head coach's child(ren) will be permitted to be protected, that is, will be automatically placed on that coach’s team. If a coach wants a particular assistant to work with him, he will have to draft that person's child. If a coach wishes to draft a child within the first 3 rounds, and that child did not attend tryouts, he will need to state this prior to the drafting process, and any other coach will be able to draft that child.

The draft will be held within the two weeks following evaluations. Major Leagues are drafted first, then Minors, and then the International Leagues. The children will be notified by telephone from their coach. The drafts generally are not held on the same day so if your children are different ages, the older child may very well be notified as to which team they are on before the younger child. Please note, this year, we will be redrafting all leagues.


Coaches are the League’s most valuable resource. They occupy a role similar to that of a teacher, and should be granted the same consideration.

Please volunteer to coach a team. We need coaches and assistants. You do not have to live in town, nor do you have to be a mother or father of a player to coach a team ‑ we'll take older brothers and sisters (at least 18 years old), aunts, uncles, even 'young' grand­parents. You must have knowledge of the game, a concern for the children's learning process and enjoyment, and enough time to devote to this effort.

You will be permitted to select the level at which you wish to coach and if your child is in that league age level, he/she will become a protected player on your team at the draft. However, seniority does go to past coaches. Generally speaking, though, there is usually a place for anyone who wants to coach.

You may sign up at registration, at any of the meetings or by contacting Dwight Troast.

There will be a Rutgers Coach's Clinic at the Field House given by our Safety Manager, at one or more evenings prior to the beginning of the season. This clinic is given by the Recreational Youth Sports Research Council. Your attendance at this meeting will fulfill the requirement set forth by the State of New Jersey to help protect you from lawsuits. It is MANDATORY for anyone who wishes to coach, or just help out with a team, to attend this Clinic at least once. This means if you even intend to throw batting practice or step onto the field in anyway to help your child's coach, you must attend this Clinic. Your certification is good for a lifetime, and a clinic that was taken for another sport, such as soccer or football, is acceptable as fulfilling this requirement. You will be notified of the date, time and place of the Clinic.



All too often, inappropriate behavior occurs when a coach disagrees with an umpire's call. Most coaches, while reading this, will admit that they shouldn't argue with an umpire's call. However, when on the playing field and in the heat of a game, sometimes coaches lose control of their emotions, and when the result of that loss of composure leads to loud and abusive comments by the coach, that is inappropriate behavior. What is appropriate and constructive, especially if the umpire is a child, is for time to be called and for the coach to QUIETLY ask the umpire to explain the reasons for the call. The coach may even point out the rule pertaining to the play, but at not time should the coach be threatening to the umpire. If the umpire is unwilling to change the call, it should stand, with the only recourse for the coach being an official protest of the game.

Another instance of inappropriate behavior sometimes occurs between the coach and parents of his or another team. We, as adults, have a general responsibility to set a good example in front of our children. This concept certainly applies to Little League. Whenever there is a disagreement between coach and a parent, it should be discussed away from the players. Try to settle any problem between

yourselves. However, if that is not possible, your next step is to seek out the League Supervisor, and discuss the problem with him/her. If a solution still cannot be reached, contact a Board Member.

Another area of possible inappropriate behavior is between the coach and a player. For your child’s protection, all coaches are check through the Megan’s Law program, i.e. against a list of convicted child molesters; NO-ONE may coach who is on this list.

Any physical abuse of any player or umpire by any adult will result in the police being informed. Verbal abuse may very well result in the same action and, will not be tolerated. Your job, as coach, is to teach the players the game of baseball of softball, and to provide and atmosphere of fun for all. You are not, at any time, to berate anyone.


Whenever any inappropriate behavior is brought to the attention of the Pequannock Little League Board, the Board will deal with it as quickly as possible. Each situation must, and will be, judged separately, but a guideline for penalties will be as follows:

1. Any coach found to have behaved inappropriately, and this includes being ejected from a game for any reason, will automatically be suspended from coaching his team for the next game, for the first offense.

2. A second offense will automatically result in suspension from coaching for the rest of that season. The Board will then meet and made a judgment as to whether that coach will be permitted to return to coaching the following season.

These guidelines are not be construed to exclude any criminal penalties. Obviously, if the police are called in, the matter rests in their hands. However, the penalties as established by the Board as outlined above will be enforced and will be Final.


As stated before, the job of the coach is to teach the players to play the game of baseball or softball, and to provide and atmosphere of fun for all. If the game is not longer fun for you as a coach, you should consider stepping away from it, because someone else will take over and provide that atmosphere of fun the players deserve.


Quality umpires are a necessity for a successful Little League season. If you or your children are interested in being an umpire for Little League, you may sign up at registration, by contacting one of the Board members, or by contacting the Supervisor of one of the leagues. All umpires (except Senior League umpires) must be registered with the League, and must have attended the Umpire’s Clinic given by the League in order to be an umpire.

Umpires are paid as follows:

International League: Anyone may volunteer to umpire in the International league as a part of their learning process. There is no pay at this level, however, this experience will then entitle them to go on to older leagues and be paid for umpiring.


Minor and Major Leagues: $10.00 Field

$15.00 Behind Home Plate

$15.00 Sole umpire per game


Senior League: $10.00 Field

$15.00 Behind Home Plate

$25.00 Sole umpire per game

Please note that every effort is made to have two umpires at each game. Umpires do not have a choice to do a game alone - that decision is made by the League Supervisor. Also note that the League reserves the right to pay certain older children slightly more for being the sole umpire at a Major League game.

To be eligible to umpire for the International League, you must be at least a Minor League player; to be eligible to umpire for the Minor League, you must be at least a second‑year Major League player; and, to be eligible to umpire for the Major League, you must be at least a Senior League player. Senior League umpires are non‑league players over 16 years of age.


We would like to have parents volunteer to umpire games at any level, but particularly at the Senior League level. You must, however, have an astute knowledge of the game of baseball according to Little League or be willing to learn.

We will, once again, be conducting Umpire Clinic in order to review the rules and safety precautions. There is no charge for the clinic and ATTENDANCE IS MANDATORY for potential umpires. This clinic is run by a certified Little League umpire and is most interesting and extremely informative. You will be notified of the date, time and place of the Clinic.


The money which Little League takes in from registration, the snack stand and from team sponsors, goes to pay the expenses of the League such as equipment, uniforms, umpires, etc. No money is spent without the approval of the membership. Some costs, such as the maintenance of the fields, and the upgrading of the facilities, are paid for or reimbursed by Pequannock Township, however their resources are not unlimited, and much of the improvement of the fields, such as the addition of sprinklers or lights, falls to the League.

In order that you can better understand the expenses required to run the League in the manner the Board feels is appropriate, we are happy to make available to you a Financial Summary for the period October 1, 2007 through September 30, 2008. Any questions or comments may be directed to the Board at a General Membership meeting or to the League Treasurer.

In addition the day-to-day expenses involved in running the League, we have also established 2 Funds which are meant to accumulate monies used for related causes; the Scholarship Fund and the Travel Fund. Every year the League give two $500 Scholarships to High Scholl seniors who participated in Little League when they were younger. The League puts all money it receives from Late Fees into the Scholarship Fund, and the hope is that some day, enough money will have accumulated so that the Fund will be self-sustaining. The Travel Fund is available to help player’s families offset the cost of a player’s attendance at an out-of-town tournament. Benefits are available to pay for hotel rooms, meals, etc. Periodic payments into this Fund are made from the League’s general operating account.


Income vs. Spending Sheet

10/1/2008 through 9/30/2009



Income Categories

coaching shirts


Donation Income


Income - 50/50


Investment Income




Not an Expense




Safety Course


Snack Stand




Total Income Categories


Expense Categories

Bank Charges


Beefsteak Dinner Tickets






Capital Improvements


Charter & Insurance
















Postage & Printing


Registration Refunds




Sign Printing


Snack Stand Expenses




Tax Preparation










Wash Park


WebSite Peq LL


Total Expense Categories


Grand Total



In order the offset the high cost of running Little League while using the safest equipment, providing uniforms that the children are proud to wear, and keeping the fields in good playing condition, it is necessary to raise addi­tional moneys in an assortment of ways:

CANDY: THIS IS A MANDATORY FUND-RAISER. The selling of the candy has always been the most profitable fund-raiser for the League. Each child is responsible for selling 1 case which containing 60 candy bars. The candy sells for $2.00 per bar. Parents must pick up and pay for the candy (at a cost of $60.00) at registration. Then, when your child sells the candy, you retain the money. You may purchase more candy to totally offset your cost of your child playing Little League.

This fund-raiser nets a profit of $25.00 per child to the League. If you choose not to have your child sell candy, you may opt to simply donate the $25.00 profit to the League instead.

In either event, please note your choice on the registration form. If you want to purchase the candy, that can only be done at the in-person registrations held in November and December.

TEAM PICTURES: This year, we will again be taking team and individual pictures. The cost is included in the registration costs this year. We will attempt to take most of the photos in the first two weeks of the season to have them completed and distributed before the close of the season.

SNACK STAND: Our Snack Stands are located at the Washington Park and Hillview fields and are intended to be open whenever a game is in progress at those fields. They cannot run themselves. We need volunteers to help man the Snack Stand when it is open.

We will assign each team certain days to have volunteers to work the Snack Stand. Each parent must work at least once during the season. Your child's team will be scheduled to work when the team is not scheduled to play. We are not trying to inconvenience anyone, we just want a little of your free time. If you are scheduled to work at any given time and cannot make it, please call your child's coach as far in advance as possible to give them time to find a replacement.

BEEFSTEAK / DINNER DANCE: We would like to start holding a Beefsteak/ Dinner Dance again this year.

We need someone or a group of volunteers to organize this event. If you would like to help the League out with this, please contact a Board Member.


The Little League Insurance Program is designed to afford protection to all participants at the most economical cost to the local league. It is used to supplement other insurance carried under a family policy, the child's school, or provided by the parent(s)' employer(s). If there is no other coverage, Little League insurance - which is purchased by the League, not the parent - takes over and provides benefits for all covered injury treatment costs up to the maximum stated benefits. Please understand this insurance picks up ONLY AFTER ALL OTHER INSURANCE has been exhausted.

This plan makes it possible for Little League to offer unmatched, low-cost protection with assurance to parents that adequate coverage is in force at all times during the season.

If your child sustains a covered injury while taking part in Little League baseball or softball, here is how this insurance works:

a. File the claim initially under the insurance carried by the family. You will also need to file the claim with the child's school insurance. If there is no school insurance coverage, you will have to obtain a letter from the principal of the school stating that fact.

b. Should your family insurance plan not fully cover the injury treatment, the Little League insurance policy will pay the uncovered charges up to the maximum benefits of the policy. This includes all deductibles and exclusions in your own insurance.

c. If your child is not covered by any family or school insurance, the Little League Insurance Policy becomes primary and will provide benefits for all covered injury treatment costs up the maximum benefits of the policy.

d. Treatment of dental injuries can extend beyond the normal 52-week period if dental work must be delayed due to physiological changes of a growing child. Benefits will be paid at the time treatment is given, even though it may be some years later. Maximum dollar benefit is $500 for eligible deferred dental treatment after the normal 52-week period.