Photo Schedule

Monday Group 1- Table 1 Group 2 - Table 2 Group 3 - Table 3

4:30 Dave Guardino (Girls Lower Minors) Mike Killon (Girls Lower Minors) xxxxx

4:40 Dave Vasilenko (Girls Lower Minors) Shaun Smith (Girls Lower Minors) xxxxx

4:50 Rob Hinnigan (Girls Upper Minors) xxxxx

5:00 Jayson Friedman (International) Dave Guardino (Girls Upper Minors) xxxxx
(moved from 7:10)

5:10 Ed Shalongo (Girls Majors) Ed Reitz (Girls Majors) xxxxx

5:20 John Sujkowski (Girls Majors) Lisa Nelson (Girls Majors) xxxxx

5:30 Steve Baum (Boys Lower Minors) xxxxx

5:40 Christoper MacDonald (Boys Lower Minors) Gerritt Visscher (Boys Lower Minors) xxxxx

5:50 Holly Lyon (Boys Majors) Jim Davis (Boys Majors) xxxxx

6:00 Frank DellaPorta (Boys Majors) Mike Nardino (Boys Majors) Ed Ruggero (Boys Majors)

6:10 Mike Killion (Boys Lower Minors) Bryan Diee (Boys Lower Minors) Glenn Korman (Boys Lower Minors)

6:20 Steve Zahner (50/70) Donna Travers (Girls Majors) Matt Bruh (Boys Lower Minors)
moved from 5:30

6:30 Joe Zaccaro (Boys Lower Minors) Aaron Sherbune (Boys Lower Minors) Gary Foti (Boys Upper Minors)

6:40 Brian Zuccala (Boys Upper Minors) Jason Goldberg (Boys Upper Minors)

6:50 Kevin Walsh (Boys Upper Minors) Ed Reitz (Boys Upper Minors) Ryan Herd (Lower International)

7:00 Keith Zalfino (Lower International) Brian Zuccala (Lower International) Aaron Sherburne (Lower International)

7:10 George Rosenthal (Upper International) Casey Kerman (Upper International)

7:20 Tim McGovern (Upper International) Rich Bartolozzi (Upper International) Geroge McGrory (Upper International)

7:30 Jack Inglis (Girls Upper Minors) Joe Mackawgy (50/70)
Moved from 5:30 pm (moved from 6:20)
7:40 Todd Arnold (Girls Upper Minors)
moved from 4:50
7:50 Peter Bankuti (Boys Upper Minors)
moved from 6:40

Instructions for Photos -
All players must make it to the photos because these photos go to our sponsors. We do not want to send a photo with half a team.

1. Please have your parents fill out PRIOR to photo day the enveople. If they are not sure which package they would like ask them
to come a little earlier so we can answer any questions they have and see examples of the items.
2. Make sure that you have the outside envelope filled out with your team's information all filled out to hand to the photographer.
3. Make Checks payable to: SAL's Studio & Son or Please have exact amount due.
4. If you would like to have Buddy Photos or Family Photos done please contact Alaine prior to Monday so a time can be set up.

PLEASE -- We request that you do NOT take your own (cell phone and or camera) pictures at picture day. This is a fund raiser for
Pequannock Little League. Thank you for understanding and your cooperation.